The day marketers all around have been waiting for... Instagram is finally launching a scheduling feature!

Last year Instagram debuted their Graph API, which they will be adding more features to very soon. These new features will allow businesses and developers to move away from Instagram's previous API which they are looking to shut down within the next 2 years.

Earlier this year, the social media photo platform announced that their new Graph API it will allow business Instagram accounts to schedule their posts, as well as monitor their mentions and tagged posts and research other similar business accounts.

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Businesses utilising Instagram will now be able to seamlessly manage their accounts organically. It will also allow their marketing efforts to be a lot more organised without having to worry about remembering to post last minute.

All you need to do to reap the benefits of Instagram's new API features, businesses will have to pass through a vendor who is a member of the Facebook Marketing Partner Programme.

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What About Instagram's Old API?

Instagram is planning the shutdown of their previous API within the next two years. The process involves three stages, the first commencing towards the end of July 2018. During this time, the platform will disfavour the use of it to obtain followers and relationships between users and such. It has not been said when the following two stages will occur, but Instagram are aiming for a complete shutdown by the start of 2020.

But unlike the old API which was available to all users, the new API will only be available to business accounts that have a connected Facebook page