In recent years, YouTube has grown wildly in popularity as video content has begun captivating a wider audience. With 1,300,000,000 people using YouTube, you will find a channel for pretty much anything.

Businesses caught up on the trend and many have set up their own channels to provide more interactive sources of information to their audiences. Company videos tend to be in the style of tutorials and Q&A interviews, where they can provide audiences with tips and tricks on using their service or sharing industry related news.

When done right, having a YouTube channel for your business can be a really effective marketing tool. Whether you are trying to kickstart a new channel or revive an old one, the following tips will help you take those first steps into creating a channel that is relevant and professional.

1. Bold Artwork

Make your channel look professional and fun with branded artwork. Be creative with consistent and captivating designs for your channel's banner, thumbnails and endplates. Ensure that the designs reflect your company's mission and the services or products you provide. For the best results, hire a talented graphic designer with access to professional software to create just what you're looking for.

2. Enticing Thumbnails & Titles

The thumbnail to your video is the same as a cover to a book. It's what draws you in and summarises the content using a mesmerising image and few words. A lot of people like to go for the shock factor, so viewers do not hesitate to click on the video. But with this, you need to avoid going overboard with the click-bait, as subscribers will grow tired of this and stop watching.

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3. Pro Filming Style

You don't need to be a top videographer to shoot a decent YouTube video. However, there are some things you should make sure of so it doesn't look too amateur. Find a good quality camera, whether it's on your smartphone or an actual camera, to stop anything appearing pixelated. Also, find something sturdy to level your camera on, preferably a tripod, to avoid the video being too shaky. When editing, use simple transitions and only when needed. Have a checklist beside your side too so you don't miss anything else, such as checking sound quality.

4. Detailed Descriptions

YouTube description boxes are a key tool for getting your video into search results, but not a lot of people realise this.

When writing your description, find what your audience is searching for and repeat those keywords in your text to reach higher in search rankings. For example, if you upload a video promoting holiday deals, make sure of keywords such as, "travel", "summer holidays 2018" and "family holidays". Then, when people search for these terms your video should appear somewhere in the search results.

The description box is also the perfect place to promote your presence on other platforms. A lot of users will provide links to their website and social media pages for subscribers who want regular updates.

Finally, always end your description with any disclaimers or terms and conditions you need to mention for the video. This way it's there if it's needed, but it's not the very first thing viewers read.

5. Know Your Audience

Understand your audience and the content they are looking for. Sticking with the holiday scenario, a travel agency could upload videos of travel guides, a rundown of the top 10 attractions, packing and money saving tips, etc. You can find this information through effective market research and quick surveys.

Collaborating with influencers can be a great help at drawing in more of your target audience, if your budget allows it. Find an influencer within your industry with a healthy online following, so that their followers will be directed to you and will hopefully turn into new customers.

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6. Effective Promotion

The key to promoting your YouTube channel is quick thinking. Current events are important to keep updated on for possible video opportunities to get you involved in the discussion. Attaching your YouTube video to blog posts, email newsletters and social media campaigns are also a great way of directing customers to your channel.

For more tips and tricks, visit YouTube's Creator Academy platform filled with informative tutorials and step-by-step guides.