Even though the famous quote teaches not to judge a book by its cover, people are still very impressionable. We make our first impression within the first second of meeting someone and the same goes for your business. When potential customers first click onto your website, marketing campaign or pick up your flyer you want them to be amazed. So how do we achieve this? By making sure our cover design is attractive.

Great design can lead to numerous benefits that a blank page simply cannot offer. You need something visual that will draw people in and want to explore your brand further. Bright colours, catchy phrases and bespoke fonts can all achieve this for you and portray your business in the best possible light.

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How to Identify Well-Executed Design:

  • It clearly and effectively communicates your brand's mission
  • It creates consistency within your branding to make you recognisable to your audience
  • Well thought out design can supply positive connotations for your brand upon the first impression
  • Great design is able to guide the audience's focus and cause emotion through the chosen imagery and colours
  • The attractive aesthetic conveys a professional and reliable portrayal and is more likely to generate conversions
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Your company's designs, found on sources such as your website, social media and marketing materials, will reflect back on your company. A poorly designed logo and poor quality social media graphics will not be very persuasive for your audience and can give a poor, lazy portrayal of your business. You want the design to be persuasive enough to encourage your audience to indulge further into your content. Of course, good quality content counts too, but you need something to provide that extra push to keep them captivated.

The price you pay for excellent graphic designer will most certainly pay off quickly. When looking at graphic designer costs consider the profits from the new customers you will attract from you compelling designs and the raised visibility of your business. A graphic designer will also be able to provide your business exactly with what it needs, rather than a generic job completed by someone online. You'll be able to discuss colour schemes and illustrations in detail to ensure the best representation of your business possible. A professional graphic designer can also provide high-quality work, to avoid pixelated or undersized graphics.

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