It can get exciting when your followers count starts to grow, but who are the people following you?

Analysing your Twitter followers is a good practice for businesses and there are many benefits to doing so:

1. Increase Engagement

By being able to see who exactly is following you allows you to see where they are from and their interests (based on their bio and own content). You can then tailor your content so you are posting content relevant to your audience. This interesting content will them encourage followers to interact more, therefore boosting your engagement levels.

2. Discovering New Audiences

While analysing your followers you may begin to notice a completely new audience taking interest in your business, different to who you are already targetting. This opens new doors in marketing and the potential to grow your customer base. Take advantage of this opportunity and target some experimental ads to this new audience and see what kind of attention you receive.

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3. Finding Genuine Followers

In order to maintain reliable social media pages, generating interest to help drive website traffic and sales, you want to make sure that your followers are genuine. No bots, no random accounts who will unfollow as soon as you follow them back, just genuine accounts of people interested in your products/services.

4. Big Influencers

If you're lucky enough, you might find that you have some accounts with huge followings connecting with you. You could take advantage of this and give them a message asking if they would like to do some PR work with you. By having influencers shout you out online can lead to their followers coming to find you on social media and interacting!

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So How Do I Analyse My Followers?

There are lots of online tools that will allow you to analyse your follower list. Moz has created a free tool for Twitter that will break down who is following you, where they're from, their gender, age, which words appear in most biographies, when they're most active and a bunch of other interesting metrics.

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