We've all seen posts captions filled with the famous # symbol, but how many of you know what hashtags are responsible for?

What Is a Hashtag?

Social media platforms utilise hashtags to help ease the search process. For example, if you post a photo of your new car and use #newcar people will be able to find your photo and similar content when they search for this hashtag.

They also encourage those online to explore content that grabs their interest. Businesses may find it helpful to utilise hashtags in their social media posts to reach out to their target audience.

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Why Should I Be Using Them?

There are lots of reasons to utilise hashtags in your social media content:

  • It helps social media users find what they need amid all of the online clutter
  • It opens your content to new and larger audiences (great for brand awareness!)
  • Watch your online audience grow as you start using popular hashtags
  • They are always evolving as more and more platforms begin to utilise them, impacting to content available
  • They can start an online discussion, for example creating a hashtag for a current issue that lots of people have lots of opinions on

How Do I Know if I'm Using the Right Hashtags?

There are plenty of websites online that can find you effective hashtags based on your chosen topic.

But sometimes you can probably guess good hashtags based on the topic and online discussion around it, especially with industry-related hashtags. You can always utilise hashtags to identify locations, products and services.

Or hashtags can go from being really general to quite specific. Before posting, research them to see what kind of attention they are already receiving. Experimenting can be a good practice until you eventually find what works best for your own content. What works for one user may or may not work for you. You can monitor the effectiveness of your hashtags using online resources.

But always remember to never go overboard with the hashtags. Keep them to a minimum to free your posts of clutter. You want to encourage people to read your caption and a blur of hashtags isn't always appealing.

And don't forget not to use spaces or special characters in your hashtag, otherwise it won't work.

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When Should I Use a Hashtag?

Nowadays you can use a hashtag for pretty much anything. A lot of social media users tend to utilise them during online discussions, trending topics, current events, special announcements, when asking questions, celebratory posts personal thoughts or even creating bespoke hashtags for an event or business.

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