Exhibition marketing differs depending on what kind of business you are trying to promote and to what kind of audience. There are hundreds of different exhibition marketing ideas to choose from, but it can be difficult to decide which ones to go for if you're new to exhibition marketing and haven't previously tried and tested any methods.

Therefore, down below we have collated 9 stand out exhibition marketing ideas that will guarantee people being drawn to your stand. You can adapt each idea to suit your style of business and audience to make them unique to you.

1. Interactive Games

Create quizzes or games on an interactive board or tablet and get your audience involved. For example, during one of our exhibitions, we created a platform where those interested could enter their business website and receive a score based on their website's set up and SEO. To improve their score they booked a consultation with us!

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2. Business Card Fish Bowl

Build your connections by displaying a bowl where people can drop in their business cards. To encourage people you could even use it as a way for them to be entered into a competition.

3. Live Social Media Wall

Clearly displaying your company's hashtag and display a live feed of that hashtag so people can see the conversation and get involved. As well as generating interest, it also helps grow brand awareness online.

4. Downloadable Content

Provide infographics and guides that people can easily download onto their smartphones. This can be something that they can reflect on post-event and remember your business by.

5. Branded Merch

Or if it's easier you can even store this content onto a USB with your company's branding on! That was there is something the audience can always use and always be reminded of you. Other branded merch could include pens, keyrings, sweets, mugs, etc. It all depends on who you are targetting!

6. Give Aways

Encourage people to get involved and stay in touch by launching a giveaway where the winner will later be announced on social media.

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7. Photo Opportunities

Social frames are always a good idea or face-in-the-hole cutouts that will create humorous photo content while generating brand awareness.

8. Messages to Get People Thinking

A riddle or interesting, unheard of fact that will get people really thinking will help stick your company name in people's minds and may even encourage a conversation.

9. Banners

Make your exhibition stand vibrant and clear. Let people know who you are and what you do from a distance to draw them in. Keep your branding consistent, employees professional and promotions clear.

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