When it comes to customer acquisition, what online reviews say about your business is very important. You want to be encouraging past customers to leave reviews that shine your business in the best light possible in order to attract new people.

While negative reviews aren’t very nice to receive, we must be careful in how we go about them. Here’s how:

1. Monitor Your Online Presence

If you’re going to monitor your online reviews, you first need to how where people are talking about you. There are many online tools available to assist you with this, such as Social Mention and Google Alerts.

Once you have started monitoring your online reputation then you can begin responding appropriately.

2. Respond Quickly

Show the unhappy customer than you care and value their opinion by quickly responding to their negative feedback. This may be the difference to make them give you a second chance.

3. Remain Polite and Professional

Despite what language the reviewer may have used, as a professional you still need to be polite, otherwise, it can encourage more problems.

For example, if you receive a strongly worded review complaining about bad service, you can ask them to email customer services to get the issue resolved. Also, offer an apology in the form of a voucher and a promise that it will never happen again. This prevents you from losing out on customers and sets a caring impression to people reading the review.

4. Move the Issue Out of the Public Eye

When online everyone can see what you’re writing, so in some situations it may be best to deal with it over an email or the phone. For example, if you receive a customer complaint about their delayed delivery, ask them to email you with the relevant details so you can solve the problem as soon as possible.

This demonstrates caring customer service but also prevents further negativity arising from the unhappy customer being published online for all to see.

5. Act on the Negative Reviews

If you find a trend in your negative reviews, then there may be something you need to be looking at in your business. Share it with the rest of your management team and discuss how you can stop this complaint continuing.

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