An essential part of running any business is being able to adapt to your customers and their changing lifestyles. In recent years researchers have found that mobile phones are now the primary device for internet searches, which stresses the need for businesses to have a responsive website. Without a responsive website customers cannot access a your online portfolio so easily and you can begin to miss out on major traffic and sales opportunities!

And if that isn't convincing enough, here are five more reasons why you need to build your business a responsive website ASAP:

1. Compatible on all devices

In 2014 the number of mobile users exceeded the number of desktop users. Proving that making your website responsive on all devices is more important than ever right now. It also means it will adapt to future devices and screens. Don’t loose website traffic over people not being able to access it on their chosen device!

2. Search engines benefits

Google recommends using responsive web design as it makes it a lot easier for Google's algorithms and crawlers to manage. It also makes it less likely for common mistakes to appear that are often found on mobile sites. Therefore, having a responsive web design is beneficial for Google, the creator and the users and could potentially help you place a bit higher in search rankings.

3. Better user experience to keep your bounce rate low

As a website user yourself you should already understand the frustration behind trying to access a website just for it to take forever to load or to not respond at all - so why put your own users through it? Creating a responsive website will provide quick, compatible performance to keep everyone happen and to prevent users clicking off to find a less stressful, competitor website, which leads me to my next point...

4. Better conversion rates

Not only will your bounce rate reduce, but your conversion rates will increase. If a customer is able to easily access a website they're going to complete whatever they came there to do. For example, a gaming retailer posts a link on their Facebook page for customers to preorder a new game console. Then, a potential customer clicks though and the website is unresponsive, so they therefore click off and look elsewhere. However, if they were to click through to a responsive website they're more likely going to complete the conversion by preordering the product.

5. Use your responsive website to stay ahead of the competition

And of course all of these benefits tied together will certainly help you get a head of the competition, especially if you are a large e-commerce site. Don't let small issues get in the way of you loosing out on major profits. Don't loose out on the competition because your website can't compete with others!


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